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Mammoth Lakes Homes Available

2021 had been a great year in real estate for Mammoth Lakes. 
Here are a few highlights for homes in Mammoth Lakes:

Prices increase significantly for single family homes in 2021 with the median sales price for a single-family home, in 2021, was $1,190,000 (up 34% vs. 2020). In the month of April 2021, an intra-year high of $1,600,000 was reached but median prices have slowly pulled back since, resulting in a median price of $1,190,000 for 2021. As of 1/31/2022 there are 4 single family home available for purchase in Mammoth. 50% of these listings are exclusive listings with Mammoth Realty not including a few in escrow.

The above analysis was based on a total of 124 sales close to 2020 sales volume. In 2020 the single-family home market in Mammoth Lakes produced a total of 126 sales and a median price of $885,000.

Above image is a snapshot of homes available or recently closed by Jennifer Lanners and Sue O’Brien of Mammoth Realty Group visit for current listings.

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